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The PPL News Agency team  has a long history of successfully distributing news stories and managing event publicity. We actively distribute to  newspapers, magazines, radio, TV and web sites. Event coverage includes:
    *  The Autosport Racing Car Show at the NEC
    *  London International Boat Show
    *  Gipsy Moth IV 40th anniversary circumnavigation
    *  The America’s Cup
    *  Clipper Round the World Race
    *  Whitbread Round the World Race
    *  Tony Bullimore circumnavigations
    *  Antarctica Cup
    *  We also work with Companies to promote brands, products and services.


Kittiwake Clean Exhaust systems

Kittiwake Developments in Littlehampton called on PPL to raise local awareness for their innovative Krystallon clean exhaust system developed by the Company in conjunction with BP. The sea water scrubbing technology which reduces the environmental impact of ships emissions to air by removing sulphur and particulates, is designed to meet stringent EU and US shipping emission controls. PPL was commission to raise local awareness for Kittiwake Developments as a Company and publicise a recruitment drive for 30 specialist engineers.


Easter lambing

We worked with Gaston Farm in Slindon to develop a public face to sheep farming. PPL produced the farm web site, publicity material and won front page coverage in the regional news media, and on radio, TV and web sites to promote the lambing season through April. The campaign drew 4,000 visitors to the farm to witness the 650 lambs born during the month, who, in addition to paying an entrance fee, also donated more than £4,000 to charity.

Gerald Sercombe says of the Easter lambing campaign. “The publicity was crucial. We could never have afforded to pay for the publicity we received in two front page headline stories in our local papers, the continuous exposure on regional radio and the TV coverage at the start.  PPL’s media campaign was a huge success for us.”



One-Stop Photo distribution service to the media
PPL offers corporate clients, event organisers and public relations agencies with a `One-Stop` photo distribution service. Pictures can be distributed directly to the media via E-mail, or embedded within the press releases with a single click to download selected hi.res files.
PPL’s Illustrated E.mail service allows clients to manage the production and e.mail lists if required. We also provide full stats on download data.

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